L&L ROTARY SOLUTIONS is a company of the Labayen y Laborde S.L. Group.
More than 100 years of history accredit tailor-made solutions and services to fulfill your requirements and needs.
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We are a Mexican company founded in 1970 to meet the needs of America market, as a busines partner in the development and innovation of rotary cutting systems. We provide high-tech materials for manufacturing rotary blade steel and tungsteno carbide.
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Our company is based on knowledge and the experiences of people who work in BOMECA. We listen to our customers therefore we can offer a lot of quality services , short delivery times, innovation, quotations...
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Frimax is a Spanish company established in 1991, dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of machines mainly for high speed production of lead-acid batteries.
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Our initial activity (1905) was the manufacture of domestic brushes (brushes to sweep, to clean the clothes, nails, teeth, and so on..

Towards 1940 we initiated the manufacture of industrial brushes.

In 1958 we diversified our activity incorporating a mecanical workshop for the mechanizing and the assembly of pieces and machines.

In 1975 we began the manufacture of rotary die tools for various shapes for envelopes and disposable higyenic products manufacturers, segment in which we have been centred and specialized, being at present time the manufacture of rotary dies, cutting units, and diverse elements that go around this world, our main activity.

Our factories, offices and warehouses are located in Tolosa occupying a surface of almost 3.000 m2.


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